Support the Local Businesses in Your Community

Yes I admit, I am at that age to share that I saw Marvin Gaye live and in concert many years ago. At the time I never thought I would cherish that moment and boast about the rare opportunity later. Now that I live in Washington DC and see murals of Marvin Gaye throughout the city and even parks and clubs named after him, I feel extra special to have witnessed his talent and know his story.

A special local business has taken it to the next level and I am happy to share their vision and encourage you to support them as they not only promote the legacy of Marvin Gaye, but do it in such a way that brings our community together as the Owner Eric Hilton says “to rub elbows, break bread, exchange ideas, and illuminate its dance floors”.

Marvin DC located at 14th and U in the Shaw neighborhood is a small neighborhood restaurant and a mainstay of DC’s eclectic bar and club scene. From the time of its founding in 2007, it has provided common ground—both literal and figurative—for members of the vibrant and diverse community it serves.

Read more about the vision of the Owner and what they offer on a regular here . Let me know that you did! You won’t regret it!

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Cheryl Shaw