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Union Market is located West of Galludet University and North of Florida Avenue NE in what is referred to as “Old City”. It has a rich DC history and was previously known as Union Terminal Market after replacing the Center Market in 1931. Through the years, it has had some ups and downs, primarily dealing with a growing city population while managing retail and wholesales businesses as well as a Farmers’ market back in the day. In 1967, a new building (food hall) was erected in which the “Union Market” name stuck and continues to evolve into a destination for locals and tourists alike.

Now open 7 days a week, Union Market has been revived into a place where food options abound, entertainment is plentiful and you can simply hang out on a warm day. Activities cover the gamut and most recently a professional 700 seat tennis stadium was installed on the rooftop to welcome the Washington Kastles tennis team and other Grand Slam tennis pros. Because of its expansion and rejuvenation, the surrounding community has changed, some would say pushing out DC natives to a growing number of professionals from all over the world who work in all professions and rely on public transportation and bicycles to get to work.

Whatever you think, there is still something there for everyone. Young and old are welcome and with new retail development and mixed use development, Union Market is a must go destination. Here is a brief list of some of the businesses you will discover at Union Market today:



The Village Cafe

Bidwell Restaurant

Angelika Film at Union Market

Craft Kombucha

District Doughnut & Coffee

Salt & Sundry

DC Dosa


The District Fish Wife

and more…

There are tons more options and don’t forget a Pop-Up shop of some kind is always expected as well as a host of events on the calendar.

I encourage you to check out the Union Market website. You will find something to do this week, weekend or the rest of the year. I have no doubt!

Cheryl Shaw