6 Simple Steps to Sell Your Home Quickly

Has your home been on the market for a while? When it comes to selling a home quickly, it can be difficult for homeowners to know where to start. But some simple changes and steps are all you need to help your home looks its best and attract potential buyers. Here are a few ways you can help your home sell a bit faster. 

Clean Windows and Update Curtains    

Lighting is key to making a home look beautiful in photos and in person. Bring some flattering natural light into your home by cleaning your windows and updating your window treatments. Crystal clear windows will let more light shine into your house, while new window treatments will change the way your room looks and feels: by hanging curtains a bit higher and wider than your window frame, the room will feel taller and bigger. You can even use window treatments away from your windows as room dividers or for a bed’s canopy. Find the perfect blinds, drapes, and curtains that will help sell your property and light your home in an attractive way. 

Complete a Deep Cleaning      

Cleaning is a must-do when it comes to selling a home. So take the time to clean every spot in your house from top to bottom. Dust and wipe down surfaces and take care to get your floors looking their best. It’s usually a good idea to hire a service to do a one-time deep cleaning. In the DC area, a cleaning service generally charges between $122 - $237. If you have any storage areas such as garages and pantries, get them tidy and organized before people begin showing up to view your home. Potential buyers are likely to peek in these spaces so keeping them free of clutter and dirt is a good call.  

Create a Blank, But Lived-In, Canvas

Staging a home can be a bit tricky. On one hand, you want buyers to have a blank canvas when they view your home. On the other, a few lived-in touches can make your home feel more inviting and help people picture themselves living there. Search online to find some inspiration for staging your home and making it stand out to potential buyers. Keep furniture and decor simple and be sure to put away any personal items or photos that may make it more difficult for potential buyers to see themselves in your home.  

Be Aware of Curb Appeal      

Curb appeal is important because it helps attract people to your property. By creating a clean, inviting yard and entrance, you can help give people a positive first impression of your property. Tidy, trim green grass is a great way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, so keep your yard looking its best. If you have gardens or flower beds, make sure plants are pruned and mulch is freshened up. Sweep sidewalks, entryways, and porches and use potted flowers or container gardens to add some welcoming color to these areas. 

Take Quality Photos of Your Home      

Many buyers begin their home search online, so good photos are key to helping your listing stand out. Use these tips to take the best photos of your home. Simple tricks such as shooting lower and turning off your flash can help your capture professional quality photos of your property on your own. Not comfortable getting behind the camera? Then, consider hiring a professional to take these photos for you. A professional photographer will know how to shoot and edit your property photos to make your home stand out from the rest. These pros usually charge $110 - $300 per shoot

Work With a Listing Agent  

One of the simplest ways to sell your home quickly with minimal effort on your part is to work with a good listing agent. A listing agent will have the experience you need to get your home onto the market and get an offer fast. Licensed agents can help you decide what projects to tackle assist with the staging of your home and even take those professional photos for you. Finding a listing agent can take a lot of pressure off and simplify the process of selling your home.  

When you want your home to sell quickly, you need to know where to start to make it happen. Tackling the right home projects and taking simple steps can help your house stand out and make a sale happen quickly.  Follow these tips to get your home off the market faster. 

Cheryl Shaw, Metro DC Realtor has over ten years of real estate experience and many happy clients who have trusted her to sell their home. Schedule a market valuation or listing consultation today!

Guest Blogger: Suzie Wilson of happierhome.net

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Cheryl Shaw