Looking for a Perfect Taco in DC

OK, quick question...have you ever had the perfect taco?  One that you will never forget and that you would do anything to have access to even if you are miles away.

Well I have had a few.  I remember when I moved back to DC from California by way of Texas, I was searching for great authentic Mexican food.  Nothing beat my days in Texas when the next door neighbor would make all her Mexican food from scratch. She went further and would prepare a box of homemade burritos for our family when we traveled.  Just simply, beans, cheese and flour tortillas. Absolutely nothing like it...ever!

Anyone from California?  Especially the Bay Area where Celia’s is or at least was king.  Big hot plates that made you overeat.

Well, I soon discovered that DC has a few places where you can get a great taco combined with the perfect blend of drinks, sides and fantastic service.  No need to wait for a holiday to try them.

Here are a few, some recommended by the Washington Post and others by Eater Washington DC. Some I have had and others I have yet to try. Make it a point to check them out when you are out and about in the city any time:

Taco City DC

Taco Bamba

Ixtapalapa Taqueria

Espita Mezcalaeria

El Centro DF


Taqueria Habanero DC

El Chucho


El Tamarindo

Even though I’m a vegetarian I can always find solace in a great taco...where is your favorite taco spot in DC and beyond? And when was the last time you ate one?

Cheryl Shaw